The Anastasia Day Series

Haunted Day and Night (Book 1)

After purchasing her first home in a small city in Pennsylvania, Anastasia Day, a twenty-nine-year-old paralegal, attempts to renovate her historic house in preparation for female roommates. Ana hopes to generate income to help her pay off her college tuition and the ongoing expenses of home ownership by renting rooms to women.

Frustrated with Ana’s unconventional choices of renting rooms, her mother and judgmental sister frequently remind Ana of her single status while her biological clock is rapidly ticking. Meanwhile, as Ana and her charming, but controlling boyfriend restore her five-bedroom home, Ana discovers bizarre messages that haunt her day and night. Is her home haunted? And if so, what could the souls of the past be communicating to her? Ana needs to resolve the secrets embedded within her historic walls before others are further endangered like her soon-to-be roommates!

Through it all, the seen and unseen residents of Ana’s historic town help her investigate not just the mysteries of her home, but her purpose in life, as well as the struggles of women both then and now while pondering the afterlife.

Book 2 of the series coming soon!