The Toxic Cycle

The cycle. It helps to secretly document behavior on a calendar to eventually recognize the patterns.The cycle often spins faster with each incident (less time and greater intensity) like a ball rolling down hill. These same patterns you may see in many relationships and scenarios. #domesticviolence #familialviolence #intimatepartnerabuse #addiction #codependency #relationships

Beware of Human

A story in Numbers 22:21-33 reveals God’s love for animals. In this passage we can deduce the following:

–> God uses animals to warn us and help direct us of His will.
–> Animals have feelings.
–> The angels and by default God see how we treat animals.
–> How we treat animals reveal the condition of our souls.
–> God and His angels consider the mistreatment of animals seriously. Such treatment could warrant severe consequences – including death (by God).

Beware: If a person harms animals, that is a precursor of harm towards humans.

God values animals – we should too.

The Irony of the Pro-Life Movement

Homicide by an intimate partner is the leading cause of death among pregnant women.

The irony of the pro-life movement is they fail to realize homicide by an intimate partner is the leading cause of death among pregnant women.

For many abused women, abortion is the only means to survive.

If she does survive and gives birth, many batterers refuse to consent to adoption thereby permanently entrapping mother and child in a dire life.

To add to her trauma, it’s not uncommon for custody, including sole-custody, to be awarded to the charming and manipulative batterer. Just as they fooled their victim, they can fool the justice system as well.

Regardless of where the child primarily resides, the child learns to adapt to abuse and typically repeats the cycle as either an adult victim or an adult batterer. 

Such perils are the unintended consequences of overturning Roe vs Wade.

Hopefully, with more awareness and education on these dynamics, the generational curses of intimate partner abuse can be broken. To learn more about the delicate dynamics of domestic violence as well as how pregnant women and the fetus are impacted, explore .

Ponder how you can help save the lives of pregnant victims of domestic violence.

Myth #5: Once we (fill in the blank), he will no longer abuse me.

weddingabuseFACT: A common thought or vain hope amongst victims of intimate partner violence is that once the couple experiences a major life event together such as getting married or having a baby, then the batterer will no longer abuse. As if magically, things will be better and he or she will no longer behave so poorly. When in fact, the opposite is true.

Typically batterers push for moving in together, buying a house together, getting married, getting pregnant, etc as means to propel their need to control the victim more effectively. Consider it a red flag when your partner wants to rush into a life event after only knowing you for a short period. Countless victims have testified they were beaten on their honeymoons or after buying a home together or even after becoming pregnant. The more serious the commitment, the more the batterer tends to reveal his or her true ideologies of power and control.

For better or for worse, a batterer will use whatever means necessary to gain power and control.

Myth #3 : Abuse only constitutes physical injury.

FACT: In order to maintain power and control, domestic violence, also known as intimate partner violence or domestic abuse, can present itself in a variety of forms, not just physical injury. In an abusive relationship, one partner will use whatever methods he / she needs in order to maintain such power and control rather than sharing a mutually respected relationship. Batterers exhibit patterns of behavior through means such as harassment, put downs, neglect, intimidation, withholding,  force, or manipulation.  Abuse presents itself in many forms, such as sexual, physical, verbal, emotional, financial and even spiritual. Commonly, batterers seek to isolate the victim from family and friends. They may threaten to harm the other partner, other family members, pets, or even themselves should the victim attempt to leave the relationship. Abuse, in whatever form a batterer chooses to manifest, is designed to dominate and control the other partner.

power and control wheel2

Myth #2 : Domestic Violence doesn’t affect that many people.


1 in 4 women will experience abuse by an intimate partner sometime in her lifetime. Some studies have reported 1 in 3 women.1 in 7 men are victims of domestic violence.

Every 9 seconds a women is beaten.

The FBI estimates 3-4 million women are battered each year in the USA.

1 in 3 female victims of homicide are murdered by a current or former intimate partner.

According to the FBI, from 2001-2012, 11,766 women have been slain by their current or former intimate partner. That total is more than the 9/11 terror attacks and US troops killed in the Afghanistan and Iraq war COMBINED.