Myth #2 : Domestic Violence doesn’t affect that many people.


1 in 4 women will experience abuse by an intimate partner sometime in her lifetime. Some studies have reported 1 in 3 women.1 in 7 men are victims of domestic violence.

Every 9 seconds a women is beaten.

The FBI estimates 3-4 million women are battered each year in the USA.

1 in 3 female victims of homicide are murdered by a current or former intimate partner.

According to the FBI, from 2001-2012, 11,766 women have been slain by their current or former intimate partner. That total is more than the 9/11 terror attacks and US troops killed in the Afghanistan and Iraq war COMBINED.


Power and Control

Any woman who fights for those held captive in the dark realm of domestic violence knows the sin of domestic abuse is rooted in power and control. But as I look at the issues of the world and the issues of our heart, isn’t the root of all such sin about power and control? This is not to say the grievous tormenting sins of domestic violence is permissible. But only highlights the simple and sinful fact we all want power. We all want control. Therefore, we commit whatever atrocities and offenses to either get or maintain our false ideologies of power and control. The only control we really have as individuals is how respond to what we can’t control! In doing so, we will exert the power our lives and world longs to encounter.



Can you relate to any of these behavioral patterns?