Myth #3 : Abuse only constitutes physical injury.

FACT: In order to maintain power and control, domestic violence, also known as intimate partner violence or domestic abuse, can present itself in a variety of forms, not just physical injury. In an abusive relationship, one partner will use whatever methods he / she needs in order to maintain such power and control rather than sharing a mutually respected relationship. Batterers exhibit patterns of behavior through means such as harassment, put downs, neglect, intimidation, withholding,  force, or manipulation.  Abuse presents itself in many forms, such as sexual, physical, verbal, emotional, financial and even spiritual. Commonly, batterers seek to isolate the victim from family and friends. They may threaten to harm the other partner, other family members, pets, or even themselves should the victim attempt to leave the relationship. Abuse, in whatever form a batterer chooses to manifest, is designed to dominate and control the other partner.

power and control wheel2

3 thoughts on “Myth #3 : Abuse only constitutes physical injury.

  1. Kandyce Brothers says:

    As isolated incidents it may not look like abuse; however, when all the incidents are looked at in totality, one can see a pattern of abuse, power and control. Abusers are very adept and skilled at making others think that it is the woman’s problem and fault and will go out of their way too show the world the she is crazy and he is just a misunderstood individual. Don’t try to talk to an abuser on an emotional level, that is way beyond their comprehension and ability. Make a safety plan and contact your local women’s shelter so you can be safe and start to heal. God Bless and I pray for every victim to find safety and every survivor the strength to heal.

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