Making Impact Makes Sense

As my extremely intense and at times emotionally draining Certified Domestic Violence Advocate class comes to it’s completion, I have felt a mixture of excitement, inspiration, and even doubt these last few weeks. Being acutely aware of the numerous complex variables and obstacles survivors and their advocates may encounter, I found myself occasionally feeling overwhelmed and I confess, unsure of my calling to assist and advocate on the behalf of survivors as they seek safe and affordable homes. After all, it’s not only a daunting task, but potentially dangerous one as well. Nonetheless, as I weigh the risks in my mind, I simply cannot imagine doing much of anything else. I have been praying, planning, and pursuing this adventure since 2009. 2009! And just when I’m feeling weary and insecure, a heartfelt email from a hurting woman arrives in my inbox thanking me for my efforts or a card filled with positive feedback from a fellow classmate, ignites my purposeful passion once more! It’s the small encouraging and gracious words that have the most impact.

Similarly, if statistically it’s only one survivor of domestic violence that Truelove Homes is able to assist in finding a safe and affordable home, where truth and love will dwell, then that one is afforded a life saving and empowering impact, making the difficult journey worth it!

It’s one vision, in one accord, welcoming another one home! It’s not about being appreciated, recognized, wealthy (ha ha!), or anything other than true compassionate love. How could I both survive and now thrive due to my painful, oppressive experiences and not reach out to help those still left behind in captivity? I cannot in good conscious ignore the epidemic that consumes so many. Few understand. Few even care to understand. While others, speak her language and hear her heart’s cry when no tears are visible.

It’s making sense of the senseless…

The greatest gift one can both give and receive is to completely give of oneself and expect nothing in return.



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